Online Privacy and Anonymity Consulting & In-person Proxy Services


UPDATE: 10/01/2022: We are  not yet fully operational. Please do not place orders.


Welcome to Anonymail!

Confidential Secure Remailing
We provide you anonymous secure remailing of your post cards, letters and packages through the US Postal Service so that your location and identity can remain confidential and in turn protect your privacy.
Multiple City Postmarks
Our standard city where items will be postmarked on your items is Plattsmouth, Nebraska. As an optional service, we can drop off mail to other post offices by special request for a negotiable rate.
Optional Online Confirmation
By using anonymous confirmation, you can verify here on our website the when your order was received and when it was processed.
Reasonably Priced & Effective
With prices starting at just $2.00 per letter and $5.00 per package you will find that not only are our services fast, efficient and confidential but they are also very reasonably priced.
Postage Application Services
You have the choice of sending us your items already with postage affixed or as an optional service we can affix the postage for you. There is a $1.00 per item fee plus the cost of postage for this optional service.
More Optional Services
Some additional services we provide include in-person proxy tasks, such as cash purchases of burner phones or additional plan time shipped anonymously to your chosen location. Additionally, we offer delayed services as well, so that you schedule a specific service at a later date of your choice.

Some reasons to use a remailing service:

Some common questions:

Do you keep all of our information confidential and anonymous?

Absolutely. We do not keep records of our remailing services activities. We shred everything that you send us that is not intended for remailing.

Is it necessary that I put a return address on my mail?

Not for letters, only if you are sending a package. All packages are required to have a return address by Postal Regulations.  The return address can be the same as the delivery address, however.

Will you return my mail if I change my mind and no longer want you to remail my items?

Yes but you must send us an envelope or box with proper return postage. OPTIONALLY we can shred any letters for free.

Can I remail with Priority or Priority Express mail?

Yes, you can.  Visit our Fees Page for more details.

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