How to contact us:

We do NOT keep customer records.

Once orders have been processed, we shred and burn and materials remaining from the order (Order Forms, customer packaging, etc…).

We offer privacy. We are unable to answer questions dealing with any specific service we provided, for anyone.

We can not confirm receipt or processing unless you used our confirmation service

Assuming you have followed all appropriate instructions, the only remaining records of your order are the item being processed on your behalf, the confirmation post if purchased and the fact that there was an order for accounting purposes with no identifying information attached to the order.

Online account services and purchases are only as anonymous as the information you provide. Account registration is not required. All of our services may be ordered by mail and paid for with cash, except for private consultation services for which payments are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

If you have pricing questions about our services you should consult our pricing page first.

Sujo Security Services LLC
Post Office Box 8
Murray, Nebraska 68409 USA

NOTE: For inbound shipments to us that require you to use FedEx, DHL or UPS then please contact us in advance for a physical office address.