Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? Tell me a little bit about your company.

Sujo Security Services LLC offers a variety of services to aid others in matters of privacy, anonymity and security. We believe in the right to privacy and will aid our customers in maintaining their right to privacy, while still complying with all laws and regulations.

What are your payment addresses for digital payment and how much do I pay?

All payments should either be through purchasing account balance or through cash by mail. Any other payment methods or arrangements will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Can you help us send a letter completely over the net without mailing it in?

We can. We are able to arrange electronic payment for print and mail service. Please email for more information regarding this service.  We will discuss the matter with you and provide you a quote.

What postmark will be on my letters and/or packages?

As part of our basic fees, your mail will be postmarked from Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048.

Postmarks are available from towns *nearby* in western Iowa and northwest Missouri, by special request.

Email for a quote. 

Is it necessary that I put a return address on my mail?

A return address is only necessary when sending a package as packages need a return address per USPS Postal Regulations.

You can indicate what return address you wish to use for the item when submitting your item(s) to us for processing. 

We DO NOT permit the use of our business address as a return address.

However, it is permitted to have the return address the same as the recipient’s address.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment is CASH in U.S. Dollars. We also accept US Postal Money Orders and Western Union Money Orders, by mail. On a case-by-case basis, we will consider cryptocurrency options for certain customers.

Can I remail with priority or express mail?

Yes, you can. We only provide this service for mail remailed from Plattsmouth, Nebraska. You need to calculate postage based on an origin zip code of 68048. For the USPS Postal Calculator CLICK HERE

Do you keep all of our information confidential and anonymous?

Yes. We do not keep customer records of activities. We shred everything that you send that is remaining after processing your order.
The only exception to this “record-keeping” policy is information stored in your online account. You decide how much of that is provided, so that is on you.

If I am requesting a delayed processing of item(s) what is that maximum period of time that I can request?

We allow you to specify a future date for services up to a maximum of 180 days (6 months) from the date your order is received.

Can I send an item using the REGISTERED MAIL or CERTIFIED MAIL service?

No, we do not offer this option.

Can I send an item with Delivery Confirmation?

Yes, you sure can. The easiest way for you to do this is to affix one of the green and white delivery confirmation slips to your item. You can obtain these slips at any post office. Be sure that you add enough additional postage to cover the cost of the delivery confirmation service. IMPORTANT: Be sure to write down the Delivery Confirmation number so that you can check for the delivery of your item(s) on the USPS website. We do NOT keep a record of delivery confirmation numbers so be sure to record that data yourself.

Do you provide a handwritten letter service?

Yes, we do. We provide handwriting services in the written hand of either a male or female writer, your choice. The fee is a base fee of $5.00 plus $0.10 per word* in addition to the regular processing fees and postage. For this service, you need to include a written or typed document you wish rewritten.

* For pricing, a word is considered to be 3 written characters or more. (Letters, numbers, symbols, etc…) For example, words such as “as, on, in a, an, or” would not be billed, while words such as “the, she, him, her, etc” would be billed. Any attempt to structure the writing to undercut billing, such as using 2 letter abbreviations, will result in your order being rejected. That is not the kind of customer we wish to deal with.


Do you provide translated hand-written letter services?


Can you remail my item(s) to an address outside of the United States?

We only provide this service for regular letters weighing less than 1 ounce to locations outside of the United States. We do not provide services for anything that would require a customs form.

Will you stop and return my mail to me if I change my mind and no longer want you to remail my items?

Yes. If you no longer want us to process your order, you must immediately send us an email at To identify yourself you need to provide the full name and address of the recipients OR your confirmation number, if you purchased Confirmation Service. If we were able to halt the processing of your order, we will either destroy the items for you or we can arrange a return. If you wish the items returned to you, additional fees to cover postage will be required.

How much postage do I need to put on my items?

You need to know the weight of your items. You can use the Postage Calculator on the USPS website. CLICK HERE to access the postal calculator. Be sure to use zip code 68048 for the “From ZIP Code” field.

Is your service really anonymous? What about me using this website?

Sujo Security Services LLC does not log the IP address of our visitors. We have many visitors that come to our web site, some may purchase our services, some may not. Once orders have been processed we destroy any leftover materials. We don’t keep any logs of what we process. We keep logs of the daily services provided without any identifying information, for accounting purposes. The only information kept is the date, the total number of items processed, total daily expenses and total daily revenue.

Is using an anonymous mailing service legal?

Yes. We comply with all regulations. You are paying for the time and labor of someone to make a trip to the post office for you. We will NOT process any illegal use of our service or the US Postal Service. Also, we will not provide any handwriting services involving any illegal activity, such as threats or harassment.  There is nothing illegal about keeping your location private and that is the service we are providing to you.

Can I order something from a company like Amazon or eBay, have it sent to you, and then have you forward it to me?

No.  To accept mail on behalf of another company or individual, as in it is addressed to you and not us, would require us to be registered with the United States Postal Service as a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency).  It would require us to obtain notarized identification documents from all customers.

Can I have someone send you a letter to you and then you forward it to me so I can remain anonymous?

Not at this time.

Can I email you a PDF file to print and mail out for me?

Yes, we offer this service. Please send us an email with the details outlining your request and we will get back to you with a quote.

You have the online confirmation service available but what if I want the tracking numbers from Priority Mail?

The  confirmation service we offer is for your visibility that we processed your order. If you pay for a shipping option that includes tracking and provide us an email address with your order, we will forward you the tracking number if you request it, at no additional cost.

Can we send items to Rapid Remailer ™ that we want processed to Rapid Remailer ™ using UPS, FedEx or DHL?

Yes, we have a physical office address so we can receive items from UPS, FedEx or DHL.  We do NOT ship using any carrier other than the U.S. Postal Service. 

If you are going to be sending something to us using any method OTHER than the USPS send us the tracking number, in advance. 

We need to know in advance when the items are being delivered otherwise we might miss the delivery. Just send us an email with the tracking number letting us know to expect an inbound delivery.

We have a high volume of letters to remail. Do you offer a commercial rate or discounts for large volumes?

We do offer discounts for higher volume customers. We can also offer commercial accounts and pricing. Contact us for a review of your needs and to discuss pricing.